Debbie Burke, ‘TriQuint Semiconductor’ Human Resources Vice President, Named ‘HR Leader of the Year’ at The Portland Business Journal’s Annual HR Awards

‘TriQuint Semiconductor’ of Hillsboro, Oregon, has announced that it’s vice president of HR, Debbie Burke, was named HR Leader of the Year at The Portland Business Journal’s Annual HR Leadership Award Luncheon last week on March 7th. This comes as no surprise to her colleagues, who hold her in high regard.

“Debbie is a business partner with a passion for excellence in support of our customers and employees. She leads with enthusiasm, is both encouraging and demanding in setting high standards, and is trusted by all those she works with because she cares as much for the people as she does for the business,” said TriQuint President and CEO, Ralph Quinsey.

Burke has gained a reputation for acquiring, training, developing and ultimately retaining, high-quality, top-performing talent and managers. One method Burke uses to accomplish this is customizing Leadership and Management Development forums to coordinate with corporate methodologies. These forums help spread knowledge, develop skills and help accomplish company objectives. By helping the management perform more effectively, the entire staff is benefited.

Another method embraced by Burke is the Japanese, Kaizen method, also known as the “Lean” continued improvement, method of business. When applied to HR, it’s intended to mean continually improving your employees so they can operate as efficiently as possible. If employees are properly trained an developed, money is saved. Not only do employees work more efficiently when trained properly, which increases production and saves money, but they are more likely to stick around at their job, thus increasing retention, and  reducing the waste of money that goes into training employees who don’t decide to stay with a company. Burke has also instituted some innovative health packages for employees, emphasizing exercise and preventative health, which is another proven method of improving employee productivity, and reduced absences.

The methods Burke is using are working. Before being named “HR Leader of the Year” she was well-known to her peers as being an effective leader. ‘TriQuint Semiconductor’ has an excellent reputation for attracting and retaining the best talent in their field. In addition to their impressive retention record, ‘TriQuint Semiconductor’ has seen record revenue for the past six years running. Burke exemplifies the masterful HR Leader, providing employees with excellent training, development and benefits, while simultaneously saving the company money. It’s nice to see such a hard-working, innovative and effective HR Leader get the recogintion she deserves.

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