Comcast Launches “Hire a Veteran on Demand” in Massachusetts

Comcast Corporation launched “Hire a Veteran on Demand” in Massachusetts today. This program is intended to help veterans find work easily. “Hire a Veteran on Demand” uses Comcast’s on demand cable menu to post video profiles of veterans looking for work. This makes it easy for Human Resources professionals, and others in charge of hiring, to locate these qualified potential employees for available positions.

The videos were taped by Comcast’s Video Production and Services Team, and will be available for viewing for the next 90 days. The veterans who were chosen to participate in this unique, and exciting, new, pilot-program were selected by the Department of Veterans Services. HR professionals who are interested in hiring the profiled veterans, can contact the Department of Veterans Services, in order to speak directly with the potential employees.

Hiring veterans should be on every HR professionals mind at this time. With so many soldiers returning from the conflicts in the Middle East, it’s pivotal for their transition into civilian society that we provide these skilled men and women with ample employment opportunities. The Returning Heroes Tax Credit, which grants businesses who hire jobless veterans a tax-credit of up to $5,600 per veteran, adds additional incentive for employers to consider veterans as great candidates for open positions. Not to mention those returning from war are some of the most dedicated, skilled, and disciplined employees one could hope for.

Kudos to Comcast for instituting such an innovative hiring program for our men and women in uniform. By highlighting these qualified candidates, it makes it that much easier for those of us in Human Resources to take notice of these individuals and add them to our teams. There are so many good reasons to hire veterans, but “Hire a Veteran on Demand” goes the extra mile by shining an additional spotlight on these hero’s, making them impossible to ignore.

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