Clark Nuber Wins Another HR Award

Clark Nuber continues to exhibit excellent HR practices, and be recognized for it.  In September, the Bellevue, WA firm took home yet another award for their outstanding work in HR. The award in innovation and culture, was for their Executive Coaching Program. Clark Nuber’s Executive Coaching Program is one of a kind, and improves top level executives training and development abilities. This isn’t the first time this fellow Pacific Northwest company has been honored for its amazing work. The CPA firm won LAE’s “Cultural and HR Innovation Award” in 2011, and has an impressive list of accolades.

Senior Director of HR, Tracy White had this to say, “Receiving this kind of recognition from our peers is a very significant accomplishment. It’s our experience that programs of this nature impact our people’s professional and personal growth and positively influence the firm’s bottom line.”

Clark Nuber helped form the LEA, “Which is an association of independent accounting firms that operates on a global basis.” Their Leadership Development Institute continues to deliver results. In evaluations done to assess the program, researchers found that participants in the Executive Coaching Program “have made smoother and faster transitions into the firm, taken on new leadership roles, expanded the firm’s business, and maximized their talents at a much faster pace and more effectively than would be expected in a normal environment.” According to CNBC’s coverage of the award. It seems that a wonderful program has gotten some attention it deserves for its firm, once again.

HR awards season is in full swing, and OHR will continue to cover the wins as they come. While we do admit to having a particular affinity for firms from the good old, Pacific Northwest, and West coast in general, we’re happy to honor any award-winning HR firm. Feel free to comment with ideas and suggestions for write ups on deserving firms being  recognized for excellence in the coming HR awards events.




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