Bersin & Associates Announce Revised HR Award, Call for Applicants: OHR Calls on DePaul Industries to Apply!

Esteemed Oakland, California, member-ran HR research group Bersin & Associates, announced Wednesday that they’re expanding and renaming their current HR award program, Learning Leaders program, to the new and improved, WhatWorks® Awards. The awards will be in 7 categories related to HR best practices. Applicants may enter in more than one category if they wish. The categories are: 1.Transforming HR, 2. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, 3. Enabling High Impact Learning, 4. Acquiring Top Talent, 5. Optimizing Talent Management, and 6. Delivering Innovation.

The seventh category is specifically for Bersin & Associates members, and is entitled, Leveraging WhatWorks® Membership award. The Leveraging WhatWorks® Membership award is for members who take full advantage of their Bersin & Associates membership, utilizing it to be the most beneficial for their organizations.

“We are expanding our awards program to reflect the breadth and depth of our membership base and the proprietary information, models, and best practices that we deliver,” said president and CEO of Bersin & Associates, Josh Bersin. “The program uses selection criteria based on our years of in-depth study and the expertise we’ve developed across all areas of HR, learning and talent. We look forward to receiving submissions from any and all organizations that can demonstrate significant operational improvement by applying unique and innovative approaches to solving critical challenges in these areas.”

To apply for the new award, visit and download an application.  September 14, 2012, is the application deadline. Bersin & Associates partnered with Human Resources Executive®magazine to put on the WhatWorks® awards. Winners will be featured in the March 2013 issue of the award-winning HRE magazine. Winners programs will also be recognized and featured at the Bersin & Associates IMPACT 2013 research conference, which is being held April 22-25, 2013 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

There are too many amazing organizations out there for everyone to win an award. There is one company from my home town Portland, Oregon, that I think deserves an award in the categories of Transforming HR, and HR Innovation, that is DePaul Industries. Their plan to triple hiring of people with disabilities in five years, is right on track, with a 21% increase of hours worked by employees with disabilities for DePaul Industries. If Depaul Industries plan to triple employment of people with disabilities in five years isn’t innovating and transforming the field of HR, I don’t know what is. Being an HR is all about facilitating opportunities, DePaul Industries has done just that for an under served population. It seems Bersin & Associates has provided the perfect opportunity for the growing number HR superstars all over the world to finally get the recognition they deserve. Good luck!

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