Bamboo HR announces top 25 socially shared HR blogs

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When I was browsing my Twitter today, I couldn’t help but notice that Bamboo HR has compiled a list of the top 25 socially shared HR blogs. Online Human Resources wasn’t mentioned, but a lot of our friends were! Our friend Derek Irvine, who contributes to TLNT, must be pleased that TLNT was named the number one most shared HR blog on social media! They came in with a staggering 53,845 total social media shares.

Some other friends who have been kind enough to add OHR to their blog roll were mentioned as well. Steve Boese’s HR Technology came in at number 8, with a whopping 2,602 shares. We were surprised to learn that HR blogging powerhouse Evil HR Lady only came in 17th with 1,006 shares. Apparently writing for USA Today doesn’t translate into massive social media success, who knew! Everyday People was 21st with 656 shares. Right below EP, at 22, was Lisa Rosendahl, whose blog has been shared via social media a total of 474 times. Good to see our friends get some recognition for their endearing social media presence. It pays to help people out!

Curious to see where we stacked up, I did a rough estimate of our total shares on Twitter and Facebook. OHR has 680 likes on Facebook, which has resulted in 176 shares on the social network. Analytics on Twitter were a bit more rough, but I counted a minimum of 62 shares on Twitter. Our presence on Linked:In is lacking, I know I have shared a few of my blogs in the group Linked:HR, but I’m not sure if anyone else has, and at this point I have no accurate way of determining that. That makes a minimum total of 238 social media shares.

But wait! With 238 shares, that puts OHR ahead of Lean HR Blog, and Strategic HCM!  Lean is number 25 with 218 shares, and Strategic HCM is number 24 with 222 shares. Maybe the placements were based on more than just the total number of shares. Perhaps my lack of a presence on Linked:In has finally caught up with me. I’ll have to make more of an effort to become involved in the extensive HR community on Linked:In. Either way, I am definitely going to share this blog with Bamboo HR so they know that OHR is not an HR blog to ignore! While there’s always room for improvement, especially when you see run away success’ like TLNT, I am proud that I can even compete with these established HR  professionals.

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