5 Tips on Writing a Stellar Job Description

One of the very first steps when it comes to hiring a new employee, is writing a job description. A well-written job description can help attract the most relevant, talented candidates. Alternately, a job description that is too vague, or overly detailed, can scare away great prospective employees. Here’s five tips to help you craft a perfect job description.

1. Clear Concise List of Job Responsibilities. Create a list of all of the assorted tasks associated with the given position. Once the list is created, put those assignments, into like groups. Those groups are your job duties. There can be anywhere from three to ten job duties, but it’s best to keep it on the short side. Having a detailed list is great, but there’s no need to write out every mundane chore they’ll be performing. Chances are, if an employee’s qualified, there’s a good chance they already know what will be expected of them.

2. Detailed and Realistic Qualifications. For nearly any given position, there’s a number of skills, and combinations thereof, that can make a candidate qualified for that position. Be sure to include exactly which qualifications you require for hire, and which you’d prefer, and clearly differentiate between the two. There’s a fine line between weeding out the under qualified, and scaring off qualified candidates, tread it lightly.

3. Perfect Title. Your title is perhaps the most important element to a perfectly constructed job description. Different companies, call the exact same position, an array of different things, so it’s important that whatever you decide to call the position you’re hiring for, qualified applicants will be able to recognize it. It’s best to stick with industry-standard job titles, that will be easily seen by people working at certain positions.

4. Clearly Stated Conditions. If there are so called “deal-breakers” associated with the available position, that must be included in the job description. Whether it’s drug testing, a drivers license, physical strength requirements, or background checks, don’t assume any legal restrictions are a given. Being specific and upfront in the job descriptions, will save you hours of sorting through resumes later.

5. Keep it short. It may seem difficult to include all of the aforementioned information and still keep your job description short, but it will help. The fact is, even the most qualified candidates may not read through a description as carefully as they should. MOst job searchers are applying for several jobs, at least, and can’t afford to spend too much time on each application. Keeping the job description short, helps reduce the amounts of people who are either unqualified, or unable to fill the position.

Conclusion: Basically, the key to a good job description, is including all of the vital information, but keeping it as short as possible. Like everything else, it’s important to include your companies culture in your job description, so you attract like minded people. Take the time to perfect the first step in your candidate search, and it will end up paying off in a big way.

Image By Flyingidiot [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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