3 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged in 2013

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In October, Dale Carnegie released a training white paper titled, “What Drives Employee Engagement and why it Matters.” The white paper examines 1500 employees, and attempts to discover who is engaged, why they are, and how engagement effects the over all performance of an organization. The final takeaway on the report focused on three factors that led to more engaged employees: good relationships with their immediate boss, believing in their leaders, and a sense of pride about their company. Focusing on these three factors, and how they can be improved, should help ring in a more productive and positive new year.

1. A better relationship with the boss, makes a better employee.

In my guest post for HR Insights, 4 ways to be a better boss, I outline 4 tactics to improve leadership skills. Active listening, solution based criticism, leading by example, and just being nice, are all ways in which you can succeed at building better relationships with your employees. Taking the time out of your day to treat your employees like human beings, not just workers, can help make them more productive and engaged, and make the office culture and environment more pleasant.

2. If your employees believe in your ability to lead, they’ll achieve more.

According to the report “believing in the ability of senior leadership to take their input, lead the company in the right direction and openly communicate the state of the organization is key in driving engagement.” Considering The Bureau Of National Affairs reports that US organizations lose $11 billion each year due to employee turnover, it’s too costly to not do what it takes to instill belief in your organization’s ability to lead. The ability to foster effective communication is the key to gaining employees belief in your organization.

3. Employees that take pride in their company, are more engaged.

It makes perfect logical sense that those who felt a sense of pride about their company, were more engaged. It’s impossible to make anyone feel pride about an organization. If you have a clear-cut mission statement, culture, and are profitable and secure, any employee that’s a good fit, should feel pride. Whether employees feel pride in  their company’s record breaking profit, or in being carbon neutral by 2016, is entirely dependent on the organization and it’s culture.

Conclusion: There’s no substitute for good leadership when it comes to engaging employees. While a strong leader takes years in the making, the most important aspect to good leadership is keeping communication lines as open as possible. Good communication will build better relationships, more trust in your abilities, and ultimately, more pride in your organization.

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