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The position of HR Dispute Resolution Specialist has become more relevant in recent years because of the large number of national, large-scale disputes between employees, consumers, unions, and corporations and government agencies. As the individuals responsible for bringing both parties to a strategic, legally obligating agreement, Dispute Resolution Specialists have had their skills thrust into the spotlight. Due to the liability involved in conflict resolution, it takes a highly experienced and educated individual to do the job. A candidate must be experienced not only in HR, but in the intricate knowledge associated with both legal and interpersonal conflict resolution to operate in such a position.

Job Description

In order to carry out a job as Dispute Resolution Specialist successfully, you must plan for future disasters, while dealing with current issues. The conflict resolution strategies vary depending on the environment they’re in. Dispute Resolution Specialists are part of an extremely specific niche, within a specialized group known as Labor Relations. Those who perform Labor Relations duties serve as a liaison between the two opposing parties. This requires legal knowledge for both sides and requires very strenuous qualifications. The main goal of the Dispute Resolution Specialist is to avoid, or at least keep to a minimum, a number of costly legal battles between the company and the workforce. As with so many HR positions, a Dispute Resolution Specialists most important job is to use knowledge and insight into both the employer and the employee, to give both parties what they want. Having someone on staff with that kind of knowledge and insight will likely help to avoid lawsuits.

While Dispute Resolution Specialists may be in high demand right now, there’s no way to become one overnight. It takes time to become experienced and knowledgeable enough in HR, conflict resolution, and labor laws to have what it takes to operate as a Dispute Resolution Specialist. If the past few years are any indication, the need for individuals able to manage conflict resolution is only going to increase.

Degree Requirements for Dispute Resolution Specialists

Due to the highly specialized nature of Dispute Resolution Specialist positions, the educational requirements vary vastly, depending on who’s hiring, and what their position entails. For some Dispute Resolution Specialist positions, an HR bachelor’s program, a few years work experience in labor relations or a related field, and some conflict resolution certification may be sufficient to land you the position. Other positions may require an MBA with an HR Concentration. Since Dispute Resolution Specialists are required to have such an extensive legal background, it’s not unheard of for a firm to require their Dispute Resolution Specialists, especially those in management, to have a law degree. Whatever the employer may require, it’s wise to prepare as much as possible when attempting to break into such a highly regarded career. Many of the schools offered here have applicable programs to get you started. Request information, and have your questions answered by a representative of the school.

Salary Information

Dispute Resolution Specialists incomes differ greatly, because there’s so much potential for variation within the position. Varying levels of educational requirements, on-the-job duties, and size of the Labor Relations staff in general, all play a role in how much a Dispute Resolution Specialist can hope to earn. That being said, The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the national average annual income for all types of conflict resolution specialists at $52,770.

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