It’s very rare that during my daily search of HR happenings on the web, I find a survey that’s worth its weight in gold in terms of its informational value. Lexis Nexis, and Xpert HR teamed up to carry-out such a survey.  2018 Social Security Taxable Wage Base Inches Up, is a data powerhouse that [...]

A few weeks ago, in the post 7 Productivity Musts HR Pros Need to Know, I mentioned the need for HR pros and other executives to plan meetings strategically in order to be as productive as possible. Aside from planning meetings strategically, there are many other things you can do, or not do, to ensure [...]

By now, most HR pros have heard about, and undoubtedly prepared for, the changes that need to be made regarding the Affordable Care Act.  The ACA and Wellness Plans Though many executives are concerned about the costs associated with providing all employees with comprehensive health coverage, one oft overlooked money-saving aspect to ACA is the [...]

The Buzz About the Four Cs In December of 2012, the American Management Association conducted a widely publicized survey regarding the US workforce’s capacity in regards to the four Cs. Those four Cs of course, being critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. AMA’s Critical Skills Survey was released in February of this year, and featured [...]

Recently, I stumbled across an incredible must-see Slideshare presentation for HR pros, by Etienne Garbugli, titled  26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known at 20. In the presentation, Garbugli lays out twenty-six tips for harnessing and managing your productivity to maximum efficiency. Garbugli should know a thing or two about maximum productivity. At a relatively [...]

With even my grandma on a smartphone, it’s pretty ridiculous for anyone to deny the need for every industry to institute mobile. HR and recruiting are no different. There’s plenty of data supporting the assertion that mobile recruiting is a burgeoning practice, set for even more growth. If you’re looking to get started on mobile [...]

The good people over at Dale Carnegie and MSW, conducted a large study of over 1500 employees to find out what steps employers can take to keep their staff engaged, happy, and productive. The results are displayed in this majorly useful infographic, delves into profit lost due to unengaged employees, what engaged employees look like, [...]

A recent personal experience in my own employment, has led me to the all too important realization that company culture is a top priority for myself when considering a position. I doubt that I’m alone on that. For me, working with people whose ideas, and ethics I respect, trumps pay, and even the job I [...]

Ideas for Improving Morale Without Spending a Cent Any HR pro worth hiring knows that improving employee engagement, and attitudes at work, is an integral part of improving productivity, retention, and overall work culture. Rewards and recognition programs have long been noted as possible methods of improving employee engagement. Leadership programs, are another way in [...]

In recent years, the poor economy, and massive lay-offs, have led to an extended work-week. If you work at a corporate job, and you are on salary, you most likely work well over 40 hours. A new infographic reveals what HR pros already knew, although we are undoubtedly working more, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re [...]

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