ADA Schedule A Appointing Authority Explanation for HR Management

There are five main steps involved in the schedule A process from an HR point of view.  For a full description, be sure to check out JAN’s publication.

The Five Steps:

number 1 Once a candidate has been chosen, an HR professional will be contacted by a Selective Placement Coordinator (SPC) or a Disability Program Manager (DPM) to assist with getting the employee hired.

number 2

HR professional works with the SPC or DPM to decide what type of schedule A appointment is best.  Appointment types include:

  • Temporary appointment
  • Time limited appointment
  • Permanent appointment

number 3After determining the appointment type, a conditional offer can be made to the applicant, contingent on receiving the official schedule A documents.

number 4SPC or DPM will discuss reasonable accommodations that they foresee will be needed for them to successfully carry out their new job.  The HR professional should make arrangements to have the accommodations in place prior to the new employees first day.

number 5Code Form 52 and/or Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action.  See JAN’s information about coding at the above link.


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