ADA Recruiting & Hiring Resources


Recruiting Resources

  • EARN, the Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network connects employers with qualified employees with disabilities.
  • Allows people with disabilities to post resumes for potential employers to view.  Also allow employers to post job opportunities.
  • VRE, The Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program assists injured or disabled veterans in finding employment. is a resource for veterans and potential employers to connect.

Hiring Resources

  • WRP, The Workplace Recruitment Program is a referral network that connects federal employers with high school grads and disabled individuals.
  • JAN, the Job Accommodation Network provides schedule A information for HR professionals.  An explanation of the regulatory guidelines can be found here for hiring disabled applicants non-competitively.

Schedule A Resources

  • Jan’s publication on schedule A clearly explains the requirements and process for hiring disabled job applicants non-competitively.  The above link is a publication intended for HR professionals; however, there are several other pdf documents for different audiences.

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