ADA Recruiting & Hiring for HR Management

  • Job postings include statement declaring non-discrimination statement for applicants with disabilities.
  • Include a statement that indicates reasonable accommodations will be provided to assist with the application process with contact information for request.
  • Submit job postings to organizations and web sites that assist those with a disability with finding employment.  The following are some examples:
  • Ensure that reasonable efforts have been put in place to provide access to job postings in physical locations as well as on the internet. For example, include an oral recording of the job description for the hearing impaired.
  • If attending job fairs, be sure that facilities include wheelchair access to building and that there are restrooms with disability accommodations available on the premises.
  • Ensure that job applications do not include any questions related to disabilities or health concerns.
  • Ensure those on the HR team who will be communicating or interviewing applicants with disabilities have been trained on ADA regulations.

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