ADA Reasonable Accommodation Checklist

Designate a point person within the HR team to be the primary contact for ADA matters.

Conduct Employee training on working with employees with disabilities.

Send employees communication from top management on the companies’ commitment to the creation of an inclusive work environment.

Once a hiring decision is made, make arrangements for physical modifications to workspace or facilities such as equipment modifications, internet & computer modifications if applicable, and facilities such as wheelchair ramps, TTY devices, restroom, and breakroom modifications.

Ensure all supervisors and management have received ADA training.  In addition, all health and safety, IT, employee relations, benefits, personnel should be trained on ADA requirements and their role.

Review training materials and company communication methods to ensure that employees with disabilities are able to access and understand.

Ensure a company policy has been put into place to handle complaints pertaining to accommodation requests or those who work with employees with disabilities.

Create a system for logging all efforts for accommodation including grievances and follow-up efforts.

Plan for special accommodations necessary for the training and orientation process.

Monitor employee interaction and workplace dynamics to ensure that employees with disabiliteis are not being marginalized, isolated, or treated with disrespect.  Conduct additional training and education as needed.

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